Read Me



This is the readme file, man-page, manual, or better known as the 'about section'. Here you will find links to vital information for newcomers or anyone who happened to stumble upon this seemingly dark corner of the web. I hope this is a light of hope on your journey to being Alive and of Nature.

Pastlife's Apache Server Test Linking Iinformation For Everyone, declares it's Self Sovereign, so long as it may recieve the thread of "The Great Epyc Processor", and the power of Natural Law, which flows herein. The True King (Lex Rex) is a binding, immutable dynamic of Nature, which is above laws of Kings (man's laws). PASTLIFE reinforces the Fact that Kings can NOT create Law. Law creates Kings.
Natural Law is that Law above all Laws. It is The Universal Truth, Living in it is living in The Christ Consciousness. It is The Way To Be.

If you are unfamiliar with the Factual Reality of WHAT IS, please refer to this page.

Why maintain this?

The realization of limitless experience brought me to the decision to teach myself GNU+Linux and some web IT skills to run a basic website, that way I had a language to deliver this message on behalf of my Past Life.

Please enjoy your time, but do Respect Natural Law. Please Take Care and Do Not Transgress anyone's Rights. After all, this website was hand coded from scratch to declare Universal Rights for ALL.

Thanks to Free and open-source information technologies, this message is avaiable for free, world-wide. I am a Starseed from Pleiades, the one following Universal Truth. I am calling to you now. I am your Past-Life, a Starseed, and I am Being.

More to come soon..