Information Sources:

Exceptional information can be found by studying to material from the following individuals or websites:

"Alternative News" websites

Respected Paranormal researchers and websites:

Listed in no particular order

a few "DarkWeb Portals"

Peruse through 'The Eye' , Library Genesis , Unblockit if you dare.

Tech / Linux Related links:

Crypto currencies:

CoinGecko for checking price and market cap.

KYC trading platforms I use are: Bittrex and CoinEx. These are also great exchanges: Changelly and TradeOgre

Noteable individuals in the crypto-spcace who have helped me learn are mostly 'YouTubers', such as CryptoDad, CryptoZombie and ChicoCrypto to name a few.

Mining Pool Stats is great for checking statistics of various mining pools.

You can use What To Mine, to determine the profitability of one's CPU/GPU mingin performance capabilities.

Beginner-friendly or Easy-to-Use digital asset wallets I use are Exodus Wallet and ZelCore Wallet

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